// Bolldorf

Bolldorf OG was set up in Vienna in 2009 when founding partners Erik and Katie Bolldorf decided to put together their individual skillsets and go into business.

Five years later and Bolldorf OG has two principal business streams. Classic IT Servicing for mainly Viennese SMEs, which is part result part cause of their other and by far major business area: project-based programming. Bolldorf design and build tailor-made applications to exact client specifications. Simply put, Bolldorf come into the client systems, understand exactly what is needed and what is not working and come up with the answer. It is efficient and fast. It is also cutting edge and you end up with a product that serves your purpose in the most efficient way. “Neat and sweet practical solutions are what we aim for”, says Katie when asked. “And speedy. This is key.”

The beginning was a little bit serendipity, a little bit design. Whilst studying civil engineering in Vienna, Erik Bolldorf found most of his time was taken up with computer programming. Working on a variety of programmes and applications Erik decided to devote his energy fulltime to programming, soon becoming the go-to programmer for specialist BlackBerry RIM applications and servicing. After completing a degree in translation and interpreting, Katie Bolldorf was working for Vienna-based Private Equity Finance firm Bast AG, studying business, finance and marketing at the same time. Katie was looking for new horizons and Erik was talking about setting up a company to expand both into new products and markets. Katie’s background in modern languages, talent for business and marketing skill, combined with Erik’s rigorous practice and technical expertise, it was a match made in heaven.

Bolldorf knows that problems and procedures are the biggest drag on cashflow and bottom line a business can face. This is where it can come in and make a real difference. Understanding the problem is the first step. The nuts and bolts of the solution are Erik’s particular skill. Now aided by a small and growing team of developers in its central Vienna office, the company can respond even faster to the client brief; a brief which it is happy to help nail down. “People often know what is not working. More difficult is to pin down exactly what will make it better, but we have a breadth of experience that really helps us there. We are not confined to one business area so we apply our knowledge and experience in a multi-disciplinary way for each client.”